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Name: Betsey Baker (1978 ODACA Artist)
Address: 81 Hy-Vue Terrace
Cold Spring, NY 10516
Mediums: Miniatures, Super Sculpey®
Phone: 845.265.3490
Fax: n/a
Web Site: n/a
Notes: ODACA President 1984-1986


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Preferring the 1860-70 period as reference for her one-of-a-kind Victorian ladies and clowns, Betsey works in Super Sculpey for heads, hands and feet with cloth bodies and wire armatures. You will often find her special dogs or other small animals as part of the scenes she creates.

Contemporary Doll Collector magazine has featured Betsey's work in several issues including an exclusive articla "Day Dream Scenes" in 1997 and "Holiday Treasures at the White House" in 1999. Her work has been included in several of Susanna Oroyan's books and is included in "Here Comes the Bride" by Lousie Fecher.

I have been making original one-of-a-kind dolls since 1970 and started to sell my work by 1972. I am self-taught. Papier-Mâché was the first medium I worked in, but have changed to Super Sculpey® in the last five years. It is easier to work with and stronger for tiny fingers, and etc.

My dolls are made starting with a wire armature with sculpted hands and feet. The body is cloth stuffed with polyester. Each head is hand sculpted Super Sculpey® so every one is different. Faces are painted and hair is applied to the head with glue then styled. I make all the clothes, using the best fabrics I can find and make most of the accessories such as dogs, cats and furniture, if needed. I have made storybook characters, old English peddlers, Victorian clowns and ladies.

I have had articles on my work in several magazines: Dolls Magazine, Contemporary Doll Collector Magazine, and Doll Castle News. Dolls Magazine has featured my dolls in “News from the Studio” by Louise Fetcher every couple of years: Sept. 1994, April 1996, and etc. My work was highlighted in a Doll Castle News article with a photo on the back cover in 1996. I had a feature article in the Oct. 1998 Contemporary Doll Collector Magazine. I was asked to make a doll for the White House Christmas tree in 1999 and I made Eleanor Roosevelt. I then co-authored an article with Joanne Gelin for the 200 Aug/Sept issue of Contemporary Doll Collector Magazine titled “Holiday Treasures at the White House”. My witch doll was included in the October 2000 issue of Dolls Magazine. Then my Victorian Ladies were in DOLLS “News from the Studios” during 2001. My “Mother Goose” appeared in a 2003 issue of Contemporary Doll Collector Magazine.

I have served as President of ODACA, and President of my UFDC doll club of which I am a founding member. I have served as Region 14 Director for UFDC. I was a member of the Academy of American Doll Artists (AADA) and taught animal sculpture at two of AADA’s “WOW” week-long artist workshops.

In 2007 I achieved Artisan Membership in the International Guild of Miniature Artists after passing their jurying process. At the present time I am only making 1" to 1' scale dolls.

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