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Name: Nataliya Barabash (2016 ODACA Artist)
Mediums: 3D pen and PLA fillament [body frame]; Polymer Clay [face & body: Premiere  ;  hands, feet, ears : Lumina  
Fax: n/a
Web Site:
Notes: n/a


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Growing up in Moscow, Russia, Nataliya Barabash started her dollmaking at the age of 8, being inspired by Polish puppetmaker and illustrator Jiri Trnka and the works of Walt Disney. Over the years of her dollmaking experience, she has received many commissions and exhibited her works at shows and festivals in her native country and in Europe.

Nataliya's work advances with the help of her artistic background in various fields, including: graphic design, architecture and interior design, typography, theater, TV and film. Nataliya loves exploring new materials and learning new technologies. Her work represents a wide variety of mixed media and an integration of some unusual techniques. Her most recent works are inspired by traditional and modern Japanese art and animation, and incorporate the use of 3Dpen technology into more regarded mixed media.

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