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Name: Marsha Krohn (2008 ODACA Artist)
Address: 12 Quintana Drive
Galveston,TX 77554
Mediums: Paper Clay, Polymer Clay
Phone: 409-771-6340
Fax: n/a
Web Site: Blog:


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I was born and grew up in Galveston Texas. Much to the consternation of my mom and grandmother, I almost never played with dolls, but my dollmaking journey began in childhood with drawing, painting, and 'making things,' and those activities continued throughout my life. The journey took a giant step in 1998 at a workshop on creating one-of-a-kind dolls in polymer clay. To say that it was a life-changing event is not an exaggeration. When I came home after the workshop, I knew that my 'making things' had found its goal. 'Things' from now on would be dolls. I was very surprised.

My style continues to evolve. Figures I create often take an elongated form, and are not especially realistic. In recent figures I've explored various joint configurations. The costume, gesture, accessories, and even the title help to tell a little story. Themes that interest me involve life and language, innuendo and circumstance, the human condition, subtle humor, or a new twist on a familiar phrase.

Sculpting is my favorite part of the dollmaking process, and I go back and forth between paper clay and polymer clay. Most often, I choose 'humble' fabrics for doll costumes, such as cotton muslin or other natural fibers, cheesecloth, plain quilter's cottons, fabrics I can dye, discharge, paint or otherwise color and manipulate. My dolls' costumes often feature torn fabrics and frayed edges. These processes provide another avenue for artistic expression, and allow me to have more input toward the doll's identity. Recent figures have a muted or monochromatic palette. Interplay of soft and hard textures provides interest.

A major highlight of my dollmaking journey, and fulfillment of a personal goal was my acceptance into artist membership in ODACA in 2008. 

Once again I live in Galveston, Texas, this time with my husband Rudy and our schnauzers Max and Junior. The island city has changed a lot since I was born here all those years ago… and so have I! Now I make dolls.

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