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Name: Stephanie Tiongco (1997 ODACA Artist)
Address: 2200 State Route 492
New Milford, PA 18834
Mediums: Cernit®, Alpaca
Phone: 570.983.3783
Fax: n/a
Web Site: Creations by Stevi T
Notes: n/a


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Creations by Stevi T. transforms to Stevi T.'s Alpaca Encounters

The artist behind these whimsical characters, Stevi T., developed her creative talents while nurturing her three children as a single parent at home. After creating a rag doll in 1980, for her daughter Kristen, Stevi T. began her career. Spirited and striving to be different, she launched her own line of soft sculpture gnomes and elves.

Stevi T.'s one-of-a-kind fantasy creations are designed as a result of direct sculpted Cernit® (a polymer clay). Her creations, each with their own personalities, and many having a mythical lineage have a cloth body over a wire armature and can be posed. Each figure is adorned with vintage or hand dyed fabric, trims and beads or accented with the richness of natural materials often found by her children. Stevi T. sells her enchanted dolls privately to collectors and through galleries of doll art. Occasionally she creates very limited resin editions cast from her own designs that are individually hand painted and costumed with all the appeal of a one-of-a-kind piece.

In 2001, Stevi discovered Alpacas. She found that their soft, fine, luxurious fiber and natural highlights were the perfect hair to compliment her magical creations. This fiber also had the benefit of being hypoallergenic with no lanolin or grease, smell, plus an ease of processing unlike wool. In 2005, Stevi's Alpaca Encounters was born.

Intrigued with other possibilities for the use of her alpaca fiber, Stevi T. became self-taught in the art of needle felting, a process that uses specialized barbed needles to interlock the alpaca fiber to form a condensed, three dimensional fiber sculpture without the use of water.

In 2006, Stevi T. and her alpaca launched the APacaMice collection. A line of needle felted woodland animals that began with a tiny mouse seated on a vintage wooden thread spool made of 100% alpaca fiber with glass bead eyes. Stevi's APacaMice collection has grown to include squirrels, chipmunks, raccoons, and more. Many are often life size. Stevi's offers her APacaMice collection for sale on under the seller name APacaMice, and at under the store name Stevi T.

2007, brought an abundance of change as Stevi T.'s Alpaca Encounters relocated from New Jersey to New Milford, Pennsylvania.

Stevi T. has been an Artist Member of ODACA since 1996 and is a Past President of the organization. In 2009, Stevi T. designed the ODACA Day Luncheon centerpiece that was held in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Stevi T.'s Mommy I'm Stuck, a needle felted kitten, was a 2009 Golden Teddy Award Nominee.

Stevi T. has been featured worldwide in various publications, including articles throughout the New York Tri-State area. She had guest appearances on Regis & Kathy Lee and News 6. Her dolls have been featured in DOLLS magazine, Contemporary Doll, and Teddy Bear Review with special spot lights in 2007 and 2008 Alpaca Magazine and CQ Magazine.

Stevi has exhibited her work at the Windham Museum in Massachusetts and the NIADA Gallery at IDEX, Universal Studios in Orlando Florida. In 2007 and 2008, Stevi T.'s needle felt creations received several awards including First Place, Judges Choice, Best in Show and People's Choice throughout Pennsylvania, New York and Kentucky.

Stevi teaches seminars at fiber events including needle felting workshops at the Pennsylvania Endless Mountain Fiber Festival held each September. Stevi is pleased to now offer needle felting classes at her studio in New Milford. There you can also find her new Alpaca Encounters Fiber Store, where individuals can purchase needle felting supplies, yarn, felt sheets, clothing and patterns. As an added bonus visitors have the chance to meet the alpacas.

In 2009, Stevi T. hosted her first Endless Mountains Artist Doll and Fine Arts Show and Sale. This annual event will be held Columbus Day weekend at Stevi's studio surrounded by her wonderful gardens and enchanting alpacas. Visitors will be able to view one-of-a-kind and limited edition artist dolls, artist needle felted bears, mice, and other adorable woodland creates, original fine art giclee florals and landscapes, original hand painted heirloom, museum quality decorative art and will have the opportunity to enjoy an afternoon tea complete with edible art.

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