ODACA Day 2000
Chicago, IL

New Artists for 2000

  • Patti Bibb (paperclay over cloth)
  • Susan Fosnot (cloth)
  • Gisele Hanson (Porcelain-miniatures)
  • Marilyn Henke (polymer clay)
  • Ethel Loh Strickarz (paperclay)
  • Joyce Patterson (Cloth)
  • Ellen Poitras (polymer clay)
  • Ken Shimonishi (paperclay)

The theme of 2000 Luncheon was "Eternal Childhood" and was held on June 19 in Chicago, IL at the 52nd annual UFDC National Convention.

Eight new Artist members were invited to join and welcomed into ODACA during the luncheon. Their works of art were incredible. This evaluation is the last step in the ODACA artist membership process. Congratulations to all of them.

The ODACA Luncheon was nicely organized by Aux-ODACA member Mary Emily Davisson along with ODACA Artist Betsey Baker. Joanne Miller efficiently dealt with the helper table filled with many beautiful items, very generously donated by our Artists and Aux Members. Sandra Justiss presented a well researched program on "Children's Fashions Through the Years". At the close of the luncheon, everyone received the wonderful souvenir doll made by Sherry Goshon.

The final event of the day was the ODACA 2000 Sales Room. It was truly impressive. The lighting was excellent and there was more than enough space. We were glad to have all our new Artists joining us in the Sales Room. There was a steady flow of visitors through the afternoon. The day's formal activities ended at 5:00pm. Everyone was pleased with the way the entire day progressed.

That evening, Bobby and Marilynn Huston graciously invited everyone to their suite for a rap session, which turned out very productive and relaxing. It was especially nice for our members to have this extra, very informal socializing to close our ODACA Day 2000.

ODACA Day Highlights

bibb fosnot Hanson Henke

Patie Bibb

Susan Fosnot

Gisele Hanson

Marilyn Henke

Ethel Loh patterson Poitras shimoniski

Ethel Loh Strickarz

Joyce Patterson

Ellen Poitras

Ken Shimoniski

luncheon display at odaca day baker benzell

Luncheon Guests

Jane Carlson

Betsey Baker

Joan Benzell

bryer charlson foley justiss

Sonja Bryer

Gillie Charlson

Robin Foley

Sandra Wright Justiss

  moroi oldenburg  

Kazui Moroi

Maryanne Oldenburg


The Artists' Showcase

A Special Doll Artist Exhibit at the 2000 UFDC National Convention
by Joan Benzell

On Wednesday evening, June 19, 2000 ODACA and NIADA Artists participated in a special Exhibit of Doll Art titled "The Artists' Showcase" during UFDC's 52nd Annual Convention in Chicago.

Twelve ODACA Artists were represented: Betsey Baker, Joan Benzell, Sonja Breyer, Gillie Charlson, Robin Foley, Sandra Wright Jusiss, Ann Luree Leonard, Jean Lotz, Kazui Moroi, Joyce Patterson, Maryanne Oldenburg and Randi Taylor.

The room was very spacious and extremely well lit. The flow of attendees was steady without any overcrowding. The arrangement of the tables allowed each individual to carefully look over every doll. No one was in a hurry to breeze through the exhibit. Artists had an opportunity to speak with the attendees and answer their questions. Every person that entered the room commented that this display of doll art was very impressive.

I found this very enjoyable especially because every individual seemed to be appreciative of the opportunity to view our dolls.

A brief business meeting was called to order with 24 ODACA Artists and 7 Aux ODACA members present. Our new Aux ODACA Chairman is Bobby Huston.  Our 2000 Webmaster is Jean Lotz. Dodi Becker received a very special thank you gift for all of her efforts making our Expressions newsletter as informative and professional as it is.

Officers 2000 - 2002

Joan Benzell, president, Sherry Goshon, 1st V.P., Gloria Winer, 2nd V.P., Marilynn Huston, secretary, Millie Wilcoxson, treasurer

Aux Volunteers

Bobby Huston Aux-ODACA Chairperson, Dodi BeckerExpressions editor, Mary Emily Davisson 2000 ODACA Day organizer

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