Favorite Sewing Tools
of ODACA Artist & Aux Members

Jean D. Lotz

  • A roto cutter and a cutting mat with grid markings have become essential tools for layout, sewing and so much more.
  • I love to keep curved toe nail scissors and curved sharp point finger nail scissors with my hand sewing. I grab these scissors to cut threads and lace up close and neat on even the tiniest doll sewing. These are also tough enough to trim leather if I need to.
  • I can't manage to keep a thimble on my finger, so instead I keep a small block of dense wood near me as I sew at my table. When I can't get a needle through the fabric, then I use this wood as a push block.
  • To lace cord or ribbon through a tiny doll casing, I needed a very short needle with a nice long eye. I modified a needle to better suit my needs by cutting off the point end of a moderately fat needle with a nice long eye. I use this needle all of the time and keep it in a special place.
  • A "wooden finger" was recommended on one of those TV sewing shows and I instantly realized it was wonderfully useful. Instead of using a knitting needle or other metal object to help hold your material under your sewing machine's foot, use a "wooden finger". It is safer for the machine and grips the material well without tearing. A "wooden finger" can easily be made out of any long skinny wooden stick: chop stick, thin dowel, or wooden skewer. Chop it off at a convenient length and sand the ends at an angle into the shape of a "cuticle pusher".

Myra Sherrod

For sewing, my thimble [is indispensable]. I learned early-on to pop one on every time I picked up a piece of sewing, and now consider it as important as my needle. Couldn't function without it.

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