Curling Wig Fibers
by Myra Sherrod

  • Plastic soda straws, sliced into 1 or 2-inch sections, make wonderful little hair rollers for the setting and styling of mohair locks. Just dampen the strand with water or setting lotion, wrap with an end-paper (readily available at beauty supply stores) and roll. Secure with a bobby pin. When the hair has dried, remove the bobby pin and gently unroll the locks. Style as you desire.
  • Synthetic hair can be permanently curled or straightened easily by means of a boiling-water 'bath.' If curls are desired, roll the locks onto a metal or wooden rod (finishing nails, kebob holders or even dowel rods work well), and secure with a hair 'clippie' or bobby pin. The diameter of the rod will determine the tightness of the curl. Bring a pan of water to a boil and remove from heat. Holding them with tongs, dip the rolled-up hair strands into the water and hold for several seconds. Remove, blot and set aside to dry on an absorbent towel. When dry, gently remove the rods and style as desired.

To straighten, simply dip the loose strands into the boiling water, as with the previous method, leave for several seconds and remove. Place on an absorbent towel, and smooth out straight. Allow to dry and style as desired.

  • Straight locks of human hair can be curled by applying a home permanent wave, following the directions given for its use. Since heat is the prime activator for the wave solution, and doll wigs obviously don't have the benefit of body heat emanating from a scalp, warmth must be provided. Once the hair has been rolled up and the waving solution applied, place the wig in a zip-lock baggie, squeeze out as much air as possible and seal. Submerge the baggie into a bowl or pan of hot water. Every 10 minutes or so, add more hot water until timing is complete. The most inexpensive home permanents, of the type made for 'hard to wave' hair, work best.

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